CSR report for FY 2016

The AA president, Edmund King, is our spokesman on all issues related to motoring and our services.

Edmund King

The AA is committed to building relationships of trust and mutual benefit with all our stakeholders including our Members, customers, shareholders, employees, contractors, suppliers, local charities and local communities. We focus on behaving responsibly, managing risk, and providing support and development. Corporate responsibility runs through the heart of what we do as a business and campaigning body.

The car plays an essential role in society and helps many of us to get the most out of our busy lives. It is the most common mode of travel in the UK accounting for 64% of trips made and 78% of distance travelled in 2014. There are now 29.6m cars on our roads. The good news is that progress in car manufacturing technologies over the last decade have delivered positive results for our industry including the reduction of car CO2 emissions from new cars by 26.4%. The new car in 2015 was typically almost 20% more fuel efficient than one bought just five years ago.

As a business we also seek to be more efficient by using telematics to monitor fuel consumption of our patrol fleet which saved us more than £1m in the first year. Our IT investments will also help us deliver an even better, more personalised and more relevant service to our Members over the coming year. We have a large-scale digital transformation programme underway which is focused on helping our Members, whilst reducing marketing and administration print costs.

We provide our Members with the best breakdown service and we work hard to deliver this promise in many ways. Our comprehensive customer offering aims to address our Members’ motoring needs. We help them avoid congestion, find parking and the cheapest local fuel with our new AA app. We make it easier for them to keep their car well maintained and legal through our Automyze vehicle management service, and help them find the best garages and check that they are receiving a fair quotation for any work.

Our patrols are our roadside ambassadors, trusted motoring allies who make life for our Members easier and safer. They are often heroes. For example, patrol Iain Gillespie witnessed a motorcycle crash last year on the opposite carriageway and went to help the unresponsive rider and performed CPR for 15 minutes before the ambulance arrived. Iain was awarded a citation from the Royal Humane Society for his brave life-saving actions. Our AA Charitable Trust for Road Safety and the Environment takes practical steps to help vulnerable and at risk drivers. Some examples of our work on the roads and in our communities can be found on the following pages.

Finally, we know what our Members believe the most important motoring issues are, because we ask them. Our AA Populus Panel is the largest dedicated motoring panel in Europe.

In essence we see corporate responsibility as core to our business strategy to make life easier for our Members and our wider stakeholders.

Edmund King

AA President
AA Charitable Trust Director
Visiting Professor of Transport, Newcastle University