1905 – Formed by a group of motoring enthusiasts

1914 – AA patrols indicate dangers on the road and help motorists who had broken down

1930s – In 1939 725,000 members representing 35% of the million cars on the road

1949: Launch of night time breakdown services in London, which was gradually extended to the rest of the UK

1950: Milestone of 1 million members reached


1967: Launched insurance services, providing cover from an organisation which motorists trusted

1968: Introduction of AA roadside telephone boxes

1973: Launch of AA Relay, guaranteeing to transport any seriously broken-down vehicle – together with driver, passenger, luggage and trailer or caravan – to any destination in Britain

1973: Relocation of headquarters from London’s Leicester Square to Fanum House in Basingstoke

1992: Launch of the AA driving school

1999: Launch of AA route planner

1999: AA Members voted to demutualise the AA and join the Centrica group

2004: The AA is acquired from Centrica by private equity groups CVC and Permira fund

2007: The AA is brought under common ownership with Saga in the Acromas group

2010: The AA launches Home Emergency Response

2014: MBI, accelerated IPO, Public Ownership and new management

2015: AA achieves Premium Listing on London’s Stock exchange

2016: New brand launched as part of our transformation

2016: Sale of AA Ireland