Business model

It is supported by the values of courtesy, care, expertise, dynamism and collaboration by which we operate throughout our business. These values are powerful when applied to the strengths of the AA which are our high quality people, innovative approach to what we do, reliability in delivering our services, intellectual property, the technology we bring to bear and our financial resources.

The combination of our strengths, brand and values is what has enabled us to continue to deliver the high standards of service to our Members, customers and business partners.

As we deliver our strategy, we will strengthen the AA’s foundations to become the UK’s pre-eminent Membership services organisation and revolutionise customer experience. In addition, we will reduce borrowings and the associated cost of interest.

We are confident that the AA’s strengths, our values and the management’s strategic priorities will continue to reward the trust and enhance the expertise at the heart of our brand and services. Thereby we expect to increase value for shareholders.

Strategic Priorities