At a glance

We offer UK motorists roadside assistance both through personal Membership and business partnerships. 

Insurance Services includes motor and home insurance and Home Services.

We offer many other services, which enrich Membership, including driving lessons and training within the Driving Services division and such services as AA Tyres, Automyze and AA Cars which are part of Roadside Assistance.

The AA in Ireland offers insurance and roadside assistance.

Group financial highlights for the year ended 31 January 2016

  • Revenue (excluding business disposed of)


    2015: £967m

  • Trading EBITDA (excluding business disposed of)


    2015: £429m

  • Operating profit


    2015: £326m

  • Cash conversion


    2015: 97%

  • Net debt


    2015: £3.0bn

  • Adjusted basic EPS


    2015: 23.3p

  • Basic EPS


    2015: 13.3p

  • Interest cover


    2015: 2.0x

We operate three divisions: Roadside Assistance, Insurance Services and Driving Services. We also operate in Ireland providing Roadside Assistance and Insurance Services.

Revenue split by division1


Trading EBITDA split by division1,2

Trading EBITDA

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance

We are the UK’s leading provider of roadside assistance, with approximately 3,000 patrols attending an average of around 10,000 breakdowns by cars, motorbikes, caravans and vans every day.

  • Revenue1


  • Trading EBITDA1


  • Personal Members


  • Business customers


Insurance Services

Insurance services

The AA offers motor, home, home emergency services, travel and other specialist insurance policies. We act as broker for insurers, operating a diverse panel of third party underwriters. In 2015, we relaunched our Financial Services business in partnership with the Bank of Ireland, and, in January 2016 we launched our own in house Insurance Underwriter.

  • Revenue


  • Trading EBITDA


  • Insurance policies


  • Average income per policy


Driving Services

Driving services

We are the UK’s leading provider of driving lessons through AA Driving School and the British School of Motoring. We are also one of the two market leaders in providing driver education including Driver Awareness courses which are offered by Police forces.

  • Revenue


  • Trading EBITDA


  • Driving instructors


  • DriveTech Police contracts




Roadside Membership, which provides 24 hour roadside assistance for vehicles, is the largest source of income in Ireland. We also offer motor insurance policies underwritten by a panel of underwriters and home insurance underwritten by a third party insurer.

  • Revenue


  • Trading EBITDA


  • Personal Members


  • Insurance policies


1 Revenue and Trading EBITDA excluding the Glass business disposed of.

2 Excluding head office costs.